Silvi Marina

A concentration of tradition and modernity, culture and nature. Clear waters, wide beaches enriched by numerous comfortable chalets, a tourist offer now renowned for the hospitality and quality of the services offered. All this is Silvi, a seaside resort on the Teramo coast at the foot of the hills of Atri and Città Sant'Angelo.


Silvi has very ancient origins and already during the Romanesque period this was considered a strategic port city. Over time, however, invasions and attacks by enemy populations led the inhabitants to abandon the seafront to build settlements in the surrounding hills which were more protected. So now the city has a historic center of medieval origins located in the hilly part, known as Silvi Alta, and a lower and more recently built part, called Silvi Marina. The seafront area was reborn in the nineteenth century thanks to the numerous fishermen who decided to move closer to the coast, thus paving the way for the tourist development of Silvi Marina. Now the popularity of Silvi Marina is given by its beautiful beach which is bathed by clear waters and is characterized by excellent facilities which attract families and groups of young people every year looking for a lively seaside resort.



Silvi Marina is in particular one of the most sought-after coastlines in the entire Abruzzo region given that the beach is made of fine, soft sand, while the sea is clear and crystalline. Its waters, which are very reminiscent of those of exotic and distant locations, have been awarded the Blue Flag title several times. The clear, shallow water near the shore, the clean sand, the presence of play areas, services for families and various local, are all characteristics that have also earned Silvi Marina the title of Green Flag. The coast of Silvi is about 6 km long, all mostly sandy, but where there are also several free beaches. Among the peculiarities of this stretch of coast is the lack of piers or cliffs, a detail that allows you to swim in a truly uncontaminated and special environment. There are also numerous spaces on the Silvi seafront for practicing different sports: from tennis to windsurfing, from underwater fishing to beach volleyball, every visitor here can find the activity best suited to their needs.